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PILIPINO METAL BAND June 17, 2008, reunite (jamming) at RED DAMIEN STUDIO in Congressional Quezon City Lyrics HAWLA ( BY: PANIC CITY )





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"These are my analogies in every literary works that I have download"

Analogy: May Bagyo ma’t may rilim
1.    Even in the darkest of time, there is always a light for us to move in life.
2.   As I compare it to our life, there is such different things, hindrances that comes in our life, but everything has a purpose.
3.   There is always a solution and a way for us to survive.
4.  God always plan the best thing for us even though was encountered difficulties someday, God will give us what we want.
5.   Nothing is impossible with God, even if you are in the darkest of time. Just have faith and trust him, He will save you.

Analogy: Si Anabella
1.    The story “Si Anabella” is all about romanticism. It’s all about a lover who has a great love for each other.
2.   The boy was rich and Anabella was only a poor person, so the mother of the boy take him away from Anabella. It was all about the promise of the boy that sooner, he will come back.
3.   It was agreat love where a person can wait for his love no matter what happens.
4.  The status in life is not a hindrance. Being poor and rich is not a reason, Instead,  Love a person with all your heart.
5.   Great love will always win.

Analogy: Though you tell me not
1.    For me, Though you tell me not shows the love of a person to another person, but he has no strength to tell what he feels for his loveone.
2.   Maybe, the boy was always silent, so he hasn’t able to tell what he felt, he has a fear to tell what his heart tells.
3.   Though the boy didn’t tell his feeling to the girl, but the girl know about it, Even if the boy has nothing to say but the girl feels it.
4.  Actions speak louder than words, even if words are not express by mouth, But his actions cqan show it.
5.   For me, they are both inlove with each other, they know that they both inlove, so it was the time, for them to express and show their feelings that will made them more happy.

Analogy: Dead Stars
1.    In the story Dead Stars symbolize a dream for something that is non existent.
2.   The guy love the girl, she was his dream, his star.
3.   He thought there was love there.
4.  But like a dead star which is so far away and whose shine could actually be the leftover travelling light from it, he was a long way from getting the girl and the love he thought was possible, never was.
5.   It seems that the boy thought that the girl is the right girl but as time pass by, he realize that it was not like as he thought.

Analogy: The Small Key
1.    I think, small key is about the honesty of two persons.
2.   It shows tha a person in the story has his big secret and he do not want to reveal it.
3.   Unfortunately, the secret was revealed.
4.  Fro me, every person has different things and secrets they always keep in their mind.
5.   Sometimes people do something to satisfy themselves even when they are fully aware of what the consequences of their actions will be.

Analogy: Zita
1.    Zita is the girl who fell in love with her tutor which is Mr. Reteche.
2.   It is all about a young lady getting ready to attend a prom.
3.   In this story, a mysterious guy with a mysterious past that became the teacher of Zita who is Mr. Reteche. He secretly fell inlove with Zita too.
4.  It’s a story where those characters are secretly inlove with each other, But they did not told one another about their feelings.
5.   In the end, It shows the great understanding by Zita.

Analogy: The Happy Hoi Polloi
1.    For me, It shows the happy life of many persons.
2.   Luneta is a historical place where many people can gather, where they can have their picnic.
3.   Many families are enjoying those different experiences whne they are in this historical place.
4.  Colors stands for the colorful lif, that we have, It includes the colors blend, the brown and the white and yellow of people.
5.   It seems that it shows how everyone enjoy on this part and we can see the joyfulness and happiness of all people.

Analogy: Ako ang Daigdig
1.    For me, Ako ang Daigdig is about being the universe in everything he do.
2.   Everything was in his hand, It depends only on his ownself.
3.   In every piece, such as poems, he was the one who lead on it.
4.  I was also thinking that maybe it is also referring that in everything that you do, you are the one who is doing your own way.
5.   It depends on a person on how he manage everything in his life, It might be a success or amess, but as longthat you gave your feelings and you love what your doing, you will succeed.

Analogy: Isang Dipang Langit
1.    It was about a person who have been a prisoner in jail. A person who is not guilty, who dont know about the crime, but he became a prisoner for so many years.
2.   There are such different things that he have been expereinced in jail.
3.   It was so hard for him to be in jail for so many years, Accusing him to a crime that he never do.
4.  Those hard times in jail, make him so lonely and sad, but he try to be strong.
5.   He is expecting that someday, time will comes that he will never be a prisoner anymore, He always have trust and faith to God and he knows that God will save him.

Analogy: May Day Eve
1.    The short story, May Day Eveby Nick Joaquin carefully and brillianlty depicted the status Filipino women had during in the past.
2.   In this still seemingly patriarchal world wea are some how forced to believed that men are superior and that women are just subordinate to men.
3.   This ideology was evn more highlighted in the past, where women were totally deprived of the necessary rights that men had always enjoyed.
4.  In the story, the vital issue of marriage, where in women are forced to marry men, was particulary portrayed.
5.   Women had lost the capacity to decide and fulfill their own desires, making their lives almost meaningless.

Analogy: A New Yorker in Tondo
1.    It is a story about a girl named Kikay who goes to New York  and fell in love with it, she acquires all the New Yorkish things – style, looks, language, and manners.
2.   These things are very obvious when she arrives in the Phillippines specifically in Tondo.
3.   Near the end, the secret love of the characters in the story is revealed and the two pairs end up in each other’s arms.
4.  Kikay is back to her old self-simple and kind.
5.   Most of all, the Filipino value learned by the protagonist which is there is no place like home, is a lesson on love of country and its culture.

Analogy: Another invitation to visit Tondo
1.    We know tha Tondo, is a fearful place, where some things may happen, a poverty was experienced by this place.
2.   For me, this another invitation to visit Tondo explains in this invitation, a person might remember where she/hee was came from.
3.   A palce where hardships happened. When the typhoon month comes, It never fails to find them like charity, knocking on all sides of the rough arrangements they thrive in.
4.  The darkness of night where those people in Tondo sleep everywhere.
5.   It was to lead prayers for the family that starves and stays together, and hoping that someday they will survive on these hardships.

Analogy: Valediction to Hillcrest
1.    This poem is really unique, a  combination of Tagalog and English.
2.   At first, I was really confused of the meaning of the poem.
3.   It’s saying goodbye to a place where you’ve been staying for a long time.
4.  For me, it was so really hard to leave a place who have been a part of your life for a long time and for who have bring happiness to you.
5.   I love the poem as it portrays the setiing, the melting of snow as he cries, the dead winter. It was a great poem.

Analogy: Gabi ng Isang Piyon
1.    Its all about the night of the Piyon or a person who is a construction worker.
2.   He suffered hardships in his life, he suffered injury, wounds in his work.
3.   It was so hard for him to sleep at night, while thinking those different hard expereinces in his life.
4.  It was also hard for her, He don’t know what many happen next, without the assurance to give food and the needs of his family.
5.   His income was only too small, so it was not enough for his family. Every night, he was always thinking and hoping that someday a change will happen, someday he will expereince what he want for himself and for his family.

Analogy: The World is an Apple
1.    The man’s ineptness is the cause of his own misfortune.
2.   Man can choose to became bad because he wanted the pleasures of life and he does not exercise control over his reactions to the evils that life could bring.
3.   He should have prevailed over his temporal desires for the flesh and not spent all his money for prostitutes.
4.  He should always do what is the better and the good than anything.
5.   His family should have been his priority more than anything else.

Analogy: Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Juan Dela Cruz
1.    It’s all about the hardships that Juan Dela Cruz have experienced.
2.   He suffered different things such as the experience that he has no money in his pocket, he suffered being hungry, walking along the place without any food to eat.
3.   Many people are keeping him away, because they reed always cash, but Juan Dela Cruz have nothing on his pocket.
4.  In the end, tells that those youth have influenced badly a quiet person like Juan Dela Cruz.
5.   It’s all about the journey of Juan Dela Cruz, the hardships, the experiences that Juan Dela Cruz, suffer like us “Filipinos” or some Filipinos are like Juan Dela Cruz who are also trying to do different things that will made them to suffer.

Analogy: Regla sa Buwan ng Hunyo
1.    In the poem Regla sa Buwan ng Hunyo, is about a womans menstruations.
2.   As a girl, It is common knowledge that it is a cycle that happens monthly the organizing pain and the hassle of having menstruation and the cramps is unlike any other that no man will ever know in his entire life.
3.   In this poem, It is about a woman who is having an unwanted pregnancy and after some months is to give birht to a child that can make or break her entire life.
4.  Although menstruation is viewed to be a curse for her, she wants to have her period for this is a signal that the child is gone. But for me, it is not right to think this on her mind.
5.   Having a child unwanted or wanted should be given the freedom to live and to be given that life that the child deserves no matter what odds and consequences are at stake.

Analogy: Sa Babaing Naghubad sa Dalampasigan ng Obang
1.    The poem talks about the love of a man to a woamn at first sight.
2.   The man was captured by the innocence of the woman who was unknowingly showed her body for thinking that nobody is around except herself.
3.   For my reaction, it is really true that some guys especially now a days can be easily fall inlove to a girl just for her physical appearance.
4.  I disagree with the feelings showed by the male character for he is only inlove with the beauty and body of the girl and really enjoyed watching it without permission.
5.   It is clearly stated that he was inlove with the girl at the first sight, meaning he was inlove because only of what he have seen.

Analogy: The way we Live
1.    For me, it explains and shows how we live and what way we are living for.
2.   It is common to many people doing different things like listening to the sound, go out with friends, listening to stories at line cafe and other more.
3.   Experiences in life are always there, such as to meet other person, have a conversations to other, groping for each other’s loneliness.
4.  But, the unwanted thing, some thing may happen, so you must be alert with your surrounding and you must know what is right.
5.   In life, there is always an experiences that comes, but you should know hot to handle, that life Live it.

Analogy: Maynila, Pagkagat ng Dilim
1.    We all know, that Maynila is a place whers some persons in the evening are doing.
2.   It weas so hard for us, to face the night with a fear.
3.   For some children, it was also dangerous for them to go outside the house when it is night.
4.  There are many profound lessons for adults to take a way as well, including the parenting in the moral – spiritual upbringing of children for our inspiration.
5.   I was hoping that someday, Maynila will make a good image for itself, and we should also make change for it.

Analogy: Gagamba
1.    This is a novel  book about the people who survived to an earthquake.
2.   The author discuss the different characteristics of the person who was their inside the Camarin.
3.   This story was really injustice.
4.  It is alright to happen for those who are sinners, not to the innocent people who just want to earned money and trying their best to escape the poverty.
5.   The novel simultaneously raised a “fundamental question” about the meaning of life anf offers one “rational answer”.

Analogy: Ambon, Ulan, Baha
1.    A decent and moral society is judged on how it treats those who cannot defend themselves.
2.   It was a good literary work where it may inspire and give a lessons to other.
3.   It also deals heavily on Filipino values, the importance od education, religion, family and youth.
4.  It educate the youth about issues of urgent and national importance.
5.   For me, A Zarzuela like these is a kind of literary work where you can learned many lessons and ideas.

Analogy: My Last Farewell
1.    Dr. Jose Rizal is a big part of our life. He has given us a big contribution.
2.   He fight for us to get peace and order.
3.   What he aim most is for us to pursue our wants, to have our democracy.
4.  He really loves us, his countrymen and his fellowmen, in his last farewell, he take this chance and opportunity to tell what he want for his beloved countrymen.
5.   It’s all about saying goodbye to his beloved and idolized country.

Analogy: Katapusang Hikbi ng Pilipinas
1.    For me, It shows those circumstances that our country encountered.
2.   There  are many struggles, trials that our countrymen have experienced.
3.   Andres Bonifacio continue the aim and goal of our National Hero “Jose Rizal”, He fight for us.
4.  Andres Bonifacio show his anger, Many persons died during their time decades.
5.    It was really hard for Andres Bonifacio to see how hard things are being encountered and experienced by his country.

Analogy: Biag ni Lam-Ang
1.    The story leaves a long lasting expression of bravery, revenge, romance, love for the family and even for friends.
2.   The author makes use of peculiar animals to adds up more flavor in the story and to have some twist he even make use of old tribes and imaginary characters as well.
3.   It is such a fictitious story inherent from Ilocos Region. A myth that widens and plays in the imagination of the readers and leaves moral lesson as well.
4.  Just like other mythology which almost ends up in a happy ending.
5.   But the difference of this with other magical story is, it is native’s masterpiece that we Filipinos should be proud of.

Analogy: Si Maganda at Si Malakas
1.    This is a very popular folk tale in the country.
2.   This story was made by ancient Filipinos in order to explain the mystery of the origin of human kind.
3.   Two traits which make the Filipinos unique among its Asian neighbors, their strength and resiliency despite a lot of adversity and trials which come their way, and their beauty which is reflected in their surroundings.
4.  The name Malakas and Maganda also denote a deeper meaning and truth about Filipino culture.
5.   Filipinos consider women to be Maganda or beautiful, sweet, and soft, while men as Malakas or strong and sturdy human being to whom the family can depend on at all times especially intimes of trouble and disasters in life.

Analogy: Indarapatra Sulayman
1.    It is a maranaw  heroic epic.
2.   It leaves a long lasting expression of bravery.
3.   It tells about the heroic exploits of Emperor Indarapatra of the Kingdom of Mantapuli.
4.  The Emperor had a magic speak, which he could use like a boomerang.
5.   There was a huge monster terrorizing his Kingdom and he killed it in defense.

Analogy: Another work of Jose Villa;;  "Foothnote to Youth"
1.    It tells the story of a young boy, Dodong who was 17 years of age and he wanted to marry her love at even though their too young and not mature enough.
2.   A foothnote is used to indicate a spurce. It is also used to emphasize something.
3.   It is entitled foothnote to youth since the story emphasizes a message that youth nowadays must know – not too marry early.
4.  The short story “Foothnote to Youth” is about how Jose Villa wanted to guide the Youth in decling with early marriage.
5.   We should not rush time in our decisions but nevertheless to weigh every single actions well be making.

Analogy: Baliw
1.    It seems that those person who are insane are those who are less sinner.
2.   Based on the song, those insane are innocent.
3.   They are doing what they want just for fun and enjoyment.
4.  But those persons who are normal, They are just making what they want, even though these things are bad.
5.   They are not thinking that they may hurt some persons by their bad deeds, They should act always as good, even though they are rich.

Analogy: morning in nagrebcan

for me.,its about the morning where different experience and things happened in the barrio of nagrebcan

Analogy: The Boy who became a stone 

For me, It shows a magical tory wherein it was an unbelievable thing,. compare it to our real world..

Analogy: How the angels built Lanao Lake

It was a good literary work where it explains how those angels built the lanao lake..

Analogy: KRIS

We all know that in Mindanao.,swords are famous.,but including this, there is a term which is being used  in referring to that sword,,which is KRIS which means Mindanao sword..

Analogy: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time.

For was so glad for me that there are many different genius persons in this world,. I am proud of them..
Analogy: The anatomy of a Filipino
I am a Filipino so I must be proud that I was a kind of a person who have different good traits like we Filipinos have,.